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Islandia, NY Long Island-based Budpak Health, LLC is now one of the growing number of nationwide companies offering alternative health products in the cannabis industry. Budpak Health recently launched a 14-item fully-tested, Hemp-Infused, CBD product line. The line is packaged together in one gift box and features some of the most popular and sought after remedies to combat the pain and discomfort that results from many debilitating medical conditions. 

Hand holding a small leaf
Hand holding a small marijuana leaf

After many years in the cream and ointment industry Budpak Health decided to harness the science-driven outcomes from hemp and CBD product usage as alternative medicine and launch Hemp-infused and CBD products such as tinctures, creams, roll-ons, lip balms and gummies. Products are targeted for use by people as well as pets. While many CBD products currently on the market are getting a lot of attention, it’s important to understand quality assurance and for consumers to purchase high-integrity products. That said, Steve Singer, president of Budpak Health LLC is proud to introduce fully-tested full-spectrum hemp-infused CBD products. He says “We are using the purest and richest form of Cannabidiol and our team is focused on being ahead of the curve with research, development and quality control. Our natural, plant-based products are formulated using the pure 99% CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrate to control milligram dosage and high potency products.” Singer continues “We pride ourselves on being innovators in this explosive industry and by creating new products. Most importantly, we are committed to remaining transparent about our products and practices and giving our consumers a clear look at what sets Budpak Health apart from all other Hemp Infused CBD companies.”

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids produced from cannabis. Budpak Health CBD products can provide therapeutic relief and a natural remedy for anxiety, chronic depression and inflammation as well as many other ailments. Due to the non-psychoactive component, hemp-infusions and CBD oil has no THC so consumers can realize benefits from the plant without the high.  

At this time Budpak Health products are available only as a gift package online. Visit   to learn more and place an order.  You can call Budpak Health anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST) at 833-387-7512 to speak with one of their representatives.

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