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All products are independently third party laboratory tested.

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8 Carefully Curated
Hemp-Infused CBD Products

1500 mg Tincture Full Spectrum 1 oz | Gummy Bears 30 ct.
Chiro Cream 500 mg 40 oz. | Massage Cream | Anti Aging
5 lip Balm Flavors | Dog Treat 30 ct. | Cat Treat 30 ct.

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Hemp-Infused CBD Products

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Hemp-Infused CBD Products

About Budpak Health Hemp-Infused CBD Wellness Products

Our vision is to take an increasing lead in creating CBD Wellness Products into a movement that helps promote the industrial hemp revolution on a global level and to have a Well Being and positive effect on the health of our customers. The quality CBD infused products in this gift box contain the best-selling and most effective items sold in the USA and around the world. They are an effective and fully tested form of alternative treatments.

Independent Laboratory tests are performed by 3rd party Testing Laboratories on each lot of our products to ensure regulatory compliance.

Here's everything that is included in your Hemp-Infused CBD gift package:

Gift Package Individual Product Descriptions:

CBD Chiro 4 oz. Cream 500 mg
CBD Chiro Roll-On 3 oz. 175 mg

These products are known for their pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Rub a thin layer, on clean skin, over the affected area using light pressure. Pain should be reduced considerably within minutes.

Pharma Grade CBD Tincture Isolate Oils
300 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg

These are our very best sellers! Use small amounts during the day until you are using enough to give you a calming and pain free feeling without Psychoactive Effects. You’ll feel better all day. Place some drops under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds, on an empty stomach, a.m. or p.m. works best, and then swallow. Take two times a day.

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Oils
300 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg

Use the Full Spectrum Oils at bedtime to relax you and free you of most of your body aches. Use small amounts until you feel the effects of these amazing products. Place some drops under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds, on an empty stomach, and then swallow. You will experience a whole new sleeping sensation! Taking twice a day - am or pm is ok.

CBD Soothing Massage Lotion, Unscented 4 oz. 120 mg
Nourishes and moisturizes your skin, revitalizing your body. Dry and rough skin is replenished for a beautiful, silken feel. It is especially made for those who are scent sensitive and those who are seeking relief from inflammation and pain. Apply daily or as desired over whole body. Massage into skin after showering or bathing. Be good to yourself!

CBD Anti-Aging Cream 1 0z. Jar, 500 mg
Use daily or as desired over your face and neck for optimum results. Massage into skin after washing face and neck. Keep away from eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas. You will notice remarkable results after a few applications.

CBD Gummy Bears, 30 count, 600 MG of CBD- 20 mg per Gummy
For those of us dealing with anxiety and depression, CBD edibles may hold the key to less worrying, better sleep, and an overall improved quality of life. CBD gummies are probably the most popular edibles.

CBD Lip Infuse, Proprietary Health Blend sticks 20 mg CBD
Five (5) flavors: Blue Raspberry, Peppermint, Vanilla, Wild Cherry, Pina Colada

Experience moisturized lips and you won’t have to continuously re-apply to maintain the moisture. Product can be used on chapped, cracked, blistered lips and can also be used on canker sores. Great taste – easy to use.

CBD Daily Dog Treats, 30 count sealed bag. 300 mg 10 mg. per treat
Provides your "best friend" with the scrumptious tastes and enticing texture. These pocket-shaped rewards have an irresistible crunchy outside with the savory taste of chicken on the inside. Treats are crafted with vitamins, cannabinol and green tea extract to help your dog’s health and well-being. A great product for calming during thunderstorms.

CBD Daily Cat Treats, 30 count bag, 10 mg each Proprietary Health Blend
Provides your kitty with the scrumptious taste and enticing texture. These pocket-shaped rewards have an irresistible crunchy outside with the savory taste of chicken. These treats are crafted with vitamin, cannabinol and taurine to help support your cat’s overall health and well-being.

Hemp-Infused CBD Products

Read all labels before using.
Products are not addictive, or FDA regulated.
Observe all precautions indicated on labels.

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